The Extra Mile is a social enterprise aiming at bringing Danish employers and job-seeking EU migrants closer. We seek to create a supportive environment for both EU migrants and local businesses. EU migrants become empowered, informed and work ready while businesses are incentivized to engage in social change or corporate social responsibility (CSR), in a way which makes business sense.

We want to make a difference at the personal level for those who are excluded from the mainstream job market and society through empowerment and training; at the social level by positively impacting local communities; and at the economic level by benefiting local businesses who can hire through our reliable network and get access to good candidates.

The Extra Mile process

Screening: we screen new participants before any engagement to find out if they are ready to work. It’s about the right attitude, job qualifications and self-motivation.

Training workshops & one-on-one mentoring: the program offers a holistic approach to address employment barriers as well as improve job-seeking skills through workshops about job hunting, cultural awareness, the Danish labour market and system. Once matched with a mentor, the participant receives personal support to enhance their job search focusing on seeking employment opportunities and skills assessment, developing a career plan, coaching and assistance with writing a CV and application letters.

Follow up: once the participants have found a job, we continue to provide mentoring and support as long as needed to help them adapt to their new work environment and /or find an affordable housing.