The Extra Mile

Going the Extra Mile. This defines the experience of EU migrants seeking jobs in Denmark. Faced with constant barriers, such as lack of network, housing and CPR, job-seeking migrants must go the Extra Mile to find a job in the difficult and competitive Danish labor market.

Going the Extra Mile also describes motivation an having positive attitude. When given the opportunity to work, EU migrants go the Extra Mile to prove their worth and skills, and to achieve company goals.

They take part in the project to receive guidance, training and empowerment. The new job-seeking skills, labour market knowledge and supportive networks can increase their chances of finding the right job.

The importance of business engagement

Businesses have a major role in proactively addressing the vulnerable situation of job-seeking EU migrants.

By engaging with us and providing much needed work placements you will fill the essential gap in our program. It’s not about philanthropy, it is creating a win-win situation in the spirit of diversity, inclusive workplace and respect for human rights.

We are looking to build partnerships with companies in a wide variety of sectors, e.g. construction, cleaning, agriculture, transport or hospitality, where migrant workers can bring a wealth of experience, flexibility and motivation, which are not readily available in Denmark.

Hiring through our social network

Partnering with us means that you can find the right employee for a job in a timely and cost effective manner.  Competencies, skills and attitudes speak louder than cheap and easy access to labour. That is why we carefully select people without a troubled criminal background or addiction problems and ensure that they are work ready. Our candidates have vocational education and skills coupled with years of relevant international experience.

To ensure a successful partnership, we would like to hear about expectations that you might have towards us, our cooperation and your future workers.