What rights do EU job-seeking migrants have in Denmark?

EU-citizens have the right of free movement and residence throughout the Union. This means EU-citizens can live and work in Denmark for up to three months on the basis of a valid identity card or passport. For more than three months, EU-citizens must have sufficient financial means to support themselves or be actively job-seeking. They can stay more than six months if they have a chance to obtain a job in Denmark based on their qualifications. Job-seeking EU-citizens are entitled to treatment equal to that received by Danish nationals in regards to employment access, e.g. they have the right to ‘job center’ services and assistance.

Who helps vulnerable migrants in Denmark?

As of now, only a few privately funded humanitarian organizations open their doors to vulnerable migrants without registration. However the need is much higher than the capacity of such places. Despite efforts of numerous NGO’s to make the government assume its role in the matter, no changes have been made.

Is it legal to employ an EU citizen who has neither Danish tax number nor CPR number?

EU/EEA citizens can freely travel to Denmark for work. They do not need to have a Danish CPR number to be hired by a Danish employer. In fact, they can only apply for a Danish CPR number, once they already have a work contract.

EU/EEA citizens can apply for a tax number, as soon as they have some information from their future employer (name, address, contact information, CVR number). To hire an EU/EEA citizen, you as an employer only need to see personal ID-papers and give the candidate the information mentioned above, so he/she can apply for the tax number. Once the candidate receives it, you will retrieve the relevant tax information electronically on the basis of the personal tax number.

With the work contract and the tax registration the employee can register at the State Administration and apply for a CPR-number and Danish health insurance card.

Why what we do is important and how we can join forces to help EU migrants find employment?

In the absence of job support services for migrants without registration, “The Extra Mile” project is filling the gap. However, workshops and mentoring alone will not achieve a high impact nor meet the complex needs of migrant job seekers. Therefore, we would like to join forces with the corporate sector to provide workplaces for our participants and /or hear about your current vacancies. Business input is paramount to our success as we believe that successful integration is impossible to achieve without employment.

Why are the participants in our project a vital workforce?

The participants in our project are available to fill jobs within construction, food preparation and service, cleaning, retail, transportation and hospitality branches where Denmark is experiencing skills and labour shortages.

With that in mind, our participants are a vital workforce, filling in the gap and meeting the need of labour intensive industries that depend on physically strong, hardworking, flexible and motivated workers. They bring new and useful skills to the table and a pave the way for Danes, even these unskilled, to do better and less physically demanding jobs.

Employers might see the benefits of hiring EU migrants because they work harder to prove their worth and skills, and feel the pressure to do whatever it takes to meet and exceed targets. Despite these advantages, migrant workers are not welcome with open arms. Parties opposed to migration have prevailed in recent Danish elections, waging a campaign to demonize migrants.

How cooperation with us can advance your CSR?

Your will to cooperate with us and employ from our group of participants speaks volumes about you as a responsible employer. You will help us achieve a greater impact and we will help you step into the social responsibility arena. Inclusive workplace, integration, diversity as well as respect for human and labour rights can reinforce your credentials as a socially responsible brand.  If your success depends on foreign workforce, it makes a good business sense to care for your employees’ well-being and raise labour standards. Then CSR and business converge.

By cooperating with us, you can become a role model to encourage other businesses to follow suit, eventually making Denmark a more inclusive business community!

Why does it make a business sense to partner with us?

  • Inclusive employment, integration and respect for human rights as strong components of your corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy
  • Cause-related marketing to reinforce your credentials as socially responsible brand
  • Easy and cost effective accessibility to labour
  • Increased cultural diversity in the workplace
  • Access to a more diverse talent pool