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Kompasset is Kirkens Korshær’s independent information service for homeless migrants without registration in Denmark.


Kompasset was established by Kirkens Korshær (Dan Church Social) in 2012 and opened its doors to users in January 2013. Our objective is to help relieve and supplement Copenhagen’s existing shelters, which have experienced a growing demand from an increasing number of homeless migrants. Kompasset focuses on counseling and supporting migrants in being able to navigate in the Danish society, thereby reducing social misfortune.


Counseling takes its point of departure in the legal and social needs of the target group: homeless migrants, who are not registered in Denmark (social registration number or foreigner’s number) and who do not have access to public assistance. Most clients are EU/EEA citizens, who by virtue of the freedom of movement in EU have used the right to travel and seek employment in Denmark. Other clients are third country nationals with or without registration papers from other European countries.


Kompasset has a highly competent group of volunteer, multi-lingual counselors who can provide migrants with the necessary information and assistance.

Typical inquiries

registration in Denmark (EU-citizens)
how do I get a work permit (non-EU-citizens)?
legal rights and violation of labour rights
housing and social services in Copenhagen
lost documents
yellow card/personal id-number (cpr)
how to open a bank account
reviewing job contracts & CV assistance
support and someone to talk with
storage of belongings and documents